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how to become a helicopter pilot

Flight Training Process

helicopter pilot training

Introductory Trial Flight

Come for a Trial Flight at one of our schools, then discuss your training and payment options and arrange your training schedule. Then get ready to start your training.

The Paperwork

ARN (Aviation Reference Number) or Student Pilot Licence application

Medical Examination

ASIC (Australian Security Identification Card)

CASA issues a unique ARN number that allows all your aviation documents to be linked to for all your licence.

A CASA-authorised Medical Examiner will perform a medical to confirm that you qualify medically for licence issue.

CASA issues this security pass to allow airside access at Regular Public Transport (RPT) airfields which you will visit as part of your training.

Helicopter Pilot Flight Training

Student Flying Training

Your training begins: Flights are with your Grade 1 & 2 Instructors until your first Solo.

Flight Theory Subjects.

– 1st Solo Flight
– Navigation Flight
– Training begins, then Solo Navigation flights commence.

Private Pilots Licence – PPL(H).

Commercial Pilots Licence – CPL(H).

1 Subject to be completed that is a combination of all 7 Commercial subjects

7 Subjects to be completed and examined:

  1. Meteorology
  2. Flight Rules and Air Law
  3. Navigation
  4. Aircraft General Knowledge
  5. Aerodynamics
  6. Operations, Performance and Planning
  7. Human Factors
PPL(H) Flight Test

If you have completed your theory subject examination, you can elect to take the flight test and have a licence issued or wait until you reach CPL(H) standard.


105-125 hours flight training – CPL(H) includes more advanced techniques for emergencies, limited-power operations, navigation flights and confined areas. It extends the privileges of a private licence.

Specialty Pilot Flight Training
  • Instructor Rating
  • Night Visual Flight
  • Endorsement Flying for Mustering
  • Agricultural
  • Sling Loads
  • Floats
  • Winch
  • Instrument Rating (IR)
  • Multi-Engine (ATPL)
  • ATPL(H) Advanced theory exams
  • (IR) IREX Instrument Rating Exam

Helicopter Pilot Careers

Helicopter Pilot Careers

Generally Single Engine

  • Scenic Flying
  • Aerial Mustering
  • Powerline Surveys
  • Aerial Photography & Filming
  • Marine Pilot Transfers
  • Media/News/
  • Agricultural Spraying
  • Corporate Flying
  • Police Air Work
  • Bushfire Fighting
  • Flight Instructor

Generally Twin Engine. Most require ATPL and IREX

  • Corporate Flying
  • Offshore (Oil Rigs and platforms)
  • Police Air Work
  • Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS)
  • Search & Rescue (SAR)
trial introductory flight

Kick-start your helicopter pilot career!



An Introductory Trial Flight is a great introduction to the joys of learning to fly a helicopter. You don’t require any previous experience and will be in safe hands with our highly-trained and experienced flight instructors.