Frequently Asked Questions

This very much depends on the frequency of the training conducted. Full time students can complete a licence in as little as a few months while others prefer to do 1-2 lessons every couple of weeks.

Bankstown Helicopters conducts training at Bankstown Aerodrome. We may also facilitate training from other aerodromes or from a private residence in rural NSW with conditions.

We do not have accomodation at our base but their is a variety of hotels and motels located very close to Bankstown Aerodrome which can facilitate long and short term stays.

Absolutely, the hours conducted with an instructor or under instructor supervision will count towards upgrading your licence.
No, you can pay as you go or pay part upfront and receive a reduced hourly rate. All lessons are charged in increments of 1/10 of an hour.

To obtain a PPL you are required to complete one CASA exam that includes all 7 subjects and runs for 3 hours. For a CPL there are 7 individual subjects exams that run between 1.5 and 3 hours that need to be completed before sitting the practical pilot test. We are happy to help set you on the path for self study and we can provide access to texts and study material here at our base.

Here at Bankstown Helicopters you will have access to Robinson R22, R44, R66, and Bell 407.

As a student you are allowed to train in the aircraft of your choosing although most of our students begin their initial training in the Robinson R22 which is a great training platform as well as being cost effective. During your training you will have the opportunity to fly the R44. Once you become licenced we can train you to fly other helicopter types starting from as little as 3 hours.