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helicopter pilot training

Advanced Flight Training

If you already have your helicopter pilot licence and would like to enhance your skills and increase your employment prospects, we offer a variety of advanced flight training options at our three flight training schools.

Australian Helicopter Pilot School has one of the largest training fleets of helicopters in Australia, giving you access to the equipment and expertise you need to train for a range of helicopter types and operational ratings.
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Instructor Rating

Australian Helicopter Pilot School is one of the few schools in Australia that provide the specialty training required to become a Flight Instructor. We have trained more than 300 helicopter pilots to become instructors who have then gone on to become chief pilots, rescue pilots and corporate pilots.

To achieve the instructor rating, you will need to develop your skills and knowledge in accordance with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) syllabus. This includes a requirement of 250 hours total flight time in helicopters, of which 100 hours must be Pilot In Command (PIC) and 35 hours of flight training for the issue of the instructor rating.

The instructor rating is a 35-hour course which covers all aspects of flights briefings and left-seat flying sequences. The theoretical component, commonly known as ‘Board Briefings’, are equal to approximately two hours for every hour of flying.

advanced flight training
Grade 3 Instructor

To begin, you must have 250 hours total time on helicopter with 100 Pilot In Command (PIC) are required. You must also have completed a Principal Methods of Instruction course or hold a Cert IV in Education and have passed the CASA PIRC exam.

advanced flight training
Grade 2 Instructor

This is the intermediate stage of being a helicopter flight instructor and provides you with additional instructor privileges. The requirements you must have are to have conducted 200 hours of ab-initio training and passed the Grade 2 FIR TE flight test. 

advanced flight training
Grade 1 Instructor​

This flight instructor rating is the highest level qualification available for helicopter flight instructors. To obtain this level of qualification you need to have conducted 500 hours ab-initio training and must successfully complete a Grade 1 FIR TE flight test.

Night Visual Flight Rules (NVFR)

This course is individually designed to suit your experience, availability and requirements. It allows you to fly at night in conditions that meet the criteria for NVFR. To attain this rating, you must hold an Australian Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence (CPL(H)), Private Helicopter Pilot Licence (PPL(H)) or Air Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) and log a minimum of 10 hours helicopter flight training at night, of which three hours need to be conducted as navigational flights. Please note that this rating doesn’t allow you to fly in instrument flight conditions. On completion of the required hours and theoretical syllabus a practical flight test will be necessary to attain the rating.

advanced flight training
advanced flight training

Low-Level Operations

Many flight operations require helicopters to operate close to the ground, below the minimum heights set by CASA. In order to achieve this level of ability, a five-hour instructional course is required. You must be a licenced pilot to undergo the training and a practical flight test is required to attain the rating.

Helicopter Endorsements

As most flight training is conducted in piston engine helicopters, if you wish to operate a turbine-powered helicopter you will need to obtain a Gas Turbine endorsement. Australian Helicopter Pilot School is one of the few schools in Australia that operate a Robinson R66 turbine helicopter as part of our operations. We also use the AS350, Hughes 500 and B206 and have access to most turbine helicopter types for flight training purposes. For each type you will need to achieve 100% on an open-book exam for that helicopter type and log an initial minimum flight time of five hours, with a minimum three-hours flight time for subsequent associated helicopter types.
advanced flight training
advanced flight training

Helicopter Flight Review

All helicopter pilots are required to undertake a flight review by a Grade 1 or Grade 2 Instructor , Chief Pilot or Chief Flying Instructor within a period not exceeding two calendar years from the last review or licence issue. Endorsement training can be used as a flight review if required.

Australian Helicopter Pilot School can provide the relevant flight review checks and training for you and your employees at each of our three training schools, or on location as required.

Sling Endorsement

This rating is a requirement for helicopter pilots working in the areas of fire fighting, search and rescue, and mining and logging. Sling load operations are one of the most technically difficult skills to master and require a high level of concentration, so completing this training is guaranteed to increase your flying ability and career prospects.

We have highly-experienced instructors available to train you for Long Line and Short Line Sling endorsements. Minimum flight time required for this rating is determined by your instructor and dependent on the time it takes you to become proficient in the operation.

advanced flight training
advanced flight training

Multi-Engine Endorsement

This rating allows you to operate a helicopter that is equipped with more than one engine. This can be combined with a helicopter type endorsement. There is a minimum of 10 hours flight time required on the first machine of this type.

Float Endorsement

Helicopters equipped with floats of any type require you to have a Fixed Float endorsement. You may then apply for a Pop-out endorsement if necessary. Minimum flight time required for this rating is dependent on the time it takes for you to reach the safety standards set by CASA.

advanced flight training
advanced flight training

Winch Endorsement

This endorsement is required to operate a helicopter with winch equipment and systems installed. Minimum flight time required to acquire this rating is dependent on the time it takes for you to reach the safety standards set by CASA.

trial introductory flight

Kick-start your helicopter pilot career!



An Introductory Trial Flight is a great introduction to the joys of learning to fly a helicopter. You don’t require any previous experience and will be in safe hands with our highly-trained and experienced flight instructors.