Charter Helicopter Flight Services

Corporate or special event

Whether you need a helicopter to speed up your journey, transfer staff to a job site, treat VIP guests or arrive at a special event in style, we can arrange a private helicopter charter to suit your needs.

Our helicopter flights accommodate up to six passengers and can only be conducted during daylight hours, as night-time flights and off-airfield landing areas are very restrictive in Australia. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Aerial photography

If you need to capture that perfect shot from the air, we offer a premium charter service with the most competitive pricing available. Commercial photographers and videographers regularly use our services as our extensive fleet means we often have resources available at short notice. Opportunities include real estate, tourism, nature and special event photography and videography.  

Event joyflights

A helicopter joyflight is a fantastic addition to any special event, local show or corporate day. Kids and adults can purchase a joyflight around your local event area at a very reasonable cost—far less than the normal cost of a scenic flight from an airfield. We will assist you with all the necessary planning involved, including approvals from local council and other requirements. We carry full helicopter and public liability insurance.

Personal transport

Need a more personal service? Our fleet and highly-experienced helicopter pilots can provide a chauffeur service for you and your team, so you can get to those important events and meetings on time. Contact us with your requirements and we will arrange a package to suit.

Custom charters

We can organise a custom charter flight to ensure you arrive at your corporate function, wedding or winery tour in style. We also specialise in property inspections and photography expeditions—simply contact us for further information on our competitive rates.