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Helicopter Pilot Careers in Australia: Explore Your Options

Becoming a helicopter pilot opens up a wide range of career opportunities in Australia. From working in the tourism industry to conducting aerial surveys and supporting emergency services, there are many paths you can take as a helicopter pilot. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the career opportunities available to helicopter pilots in Australia.


One of the most popular career paths for helicopter pilots in Australia is in the tourism industry. Pilots can work for companies that offer scenic flights, tours, and other aviation-related experiences. This type of work requires excellent customer service skills, as well as the ability to fly safely and efficiently in a variety of conditions.

Aerial Surveys

Another career opportunity for helicopter pilots in Australia is conducting aerial surveys. This can include everything from aerial photography to mineral and resource exploration, as well as pipeline and power line inspections.

Emergency Services

Helicopter pilots also play a critical role in supporting emergency services in Australia, including search and rescue missions, air ambulance services, and firefighting. Pilots in this field need to be highly trained and able to fly in a variety of challenging conditions.

Corporate and Business Aviation

In addition to the opportunities outlined above, there are also career opportunities for helicopter pilots in corporate and business aviation. This can include everything from transporting executives and VIPs to providing aerial support for events and special occasions.


In conclusion, there are many career opportunities for helicopter pilots in Australia, from tourism to emergency services and everything in between. Whether you’re just starting your training or looking for new opportunities, the field of helicopter aviation offers a wealth of options for pilots of all experience levels.

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